05-Days Kalash Valley Tour

Chitral is also the gateway to Kafirstan – a series of remote mountain villages that are nome to the attractive Kafir Kalash (‘Wearers of the Black Robe’), who claim Greek ancestry. Handsome women wear long black dresses, with red and green embroidered trim, and an elaborate headpiece that qualifies as art – much of it ‘found art’ created from cowrie shells, bits of metal, watchbands, plastic flowers, tiny buttons.


This once isolated tribe still retains many of its old customs and its animist beliefs in gods once preside over spirits and animals. And it’s a tribe that loves to dance. Births, marriages, deaths set them in motion. The Kalash are a joyful people keeping time to their ancient culture.

Day 01: Islamabad – Dir – Chitral (430 kms/11-12hrs)
We will make an early departure from designated spot in Islamabad for Dir at the foot of Lowari Pass, preferably crossed with 4 wheel drive vehicle. Winding over the Lowari Mountain is an interesting and rewarding experience. Lowari tunnel is alternative of Lowari pass but it’s operational for limited time of the day only. On the other side of the mountain, we again find asphalt road and arrive in Chitral in the evening and check in to hotel for night stay.

Day 02: Chitral – Excursion Garam Chashma (100kms/4hrs)
Chitral Town is dominated by the view of distant Tirich Mir, the highest peak of Hindu Kush range of mountains. River Chitral is flowing through the town and offers superb views for photography. After breakfast we will leave for Garam Chasma, a sub valley of Chitral, famous for its Sulphur Springs and Trout fish. After spending sometime in valley we head back to hotel in Chitral for night stay.

Day 03: Chitral – Bamburet (Kalash Valley) (30 kms/2.5hrs)
After spending some time in Chitral we will leave for Kalash Valley and check in to hotel at Bamburet. Visit to Kalash graveyard and school made with the help of the people of Greece would be an interesting addition. Participants can meet and interact with community members, teachers and local kids in their traditional dresses. Night stay will be in Bamburet

Day 04: Bamburet – Day free at Bamburet
Participants will get free day to get relaxed and enjoy the breath taking views of the valley. Kalash are an exotic feature of the region, these tribes are contrast to rest of the country. Their culture, religion, customs and habitat is unique and interesting. Optional trip to Rambur, another typical Kalash village can be organized.

Day 05: Bamburet – Islamabad (440kms/ 12-13hrs)
We will leave early morning from Bamburet for a long drive back to Islamabad. Participants will be dropped at the designated spot in Islamabad.

-End of the Tour-