06-Days Cholistan Desert Tour

Cholistan Desert sprawls thirty kilometers from Bahawalpur.It adjoins the Thar Desert extending over to Sindh and into India.The word Cholistan is derived from the Turkish word Chol, which means Desert. Cholistan thus means Land of the Desert. The people of Cholistan lead a semi-nomadic life, moving from one place to another in search of water and fodder for their animals. The dry bed of the Hakra River runs through the area, along which many settlements of the Indus Valley Civilization have been found.The Desert also has an Annual Jeep Rally, known as Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally. It is the biggest motor sports event in Pakistan.


Day 01: Lahore – Sightseeing (60kms / 8hrs)
Lahore is the city of culture and has a history with various rulers having had their influence here. Most prominent have been the Sikh and Mughal rulers who left their mark in many places. We begin our tour of the city with a visit to the Lahore Fort in the old city. Next to the Fort is the Grand Badshahi Mosque,an excellent example of Islamic and Mughal architecture, shows the grandeur of the influence from Persian, local as well and Middle Eastern styles. In the evening we will visit the old bazars and night markets for souvenirs.

Day 02: Lahore – Sightseeing (60kms / 8hrs)
Morning we will visit Shalimar Garden the place of love and happiness with its triple terraced gardens decorated with marble Pavilions, this is one of the world’s finest Persian style gardens, laid out by Emperor Shah Jehan. Later visit Lahore museum, displaying a complete cross section of the culture and history of the region with rare manuscripts miniatures, Islamic calligraphy, and contemporary arts and crafts. Pakistan’s finest museum also contains one of the best collections of Buddhist art from the Gandhara Period. After lunch break drive to Emperor Jahangir’s Tomb, presenting a matchless display of mosaics an inlays, the tomb of the fourth Mughal emperor is set magnificently in the clam surrounding of symmetrical gardens.

Day 03: Lahore – Harappa – Multan (350km / 8hrs)
After breakfast, we leave for Lahore with a short excursion to Harappa on the way. Harappa is another Indus Valley Civilization that existed during the Bronze Age. After lunch break we continue to Multan and transfer to hotel on arrival.

Day 04: Multan – Bahawalpur (100kms / 2hrs)
We will have city tour of Multan, city of saints. we will visit the shrines in Multan. Multan has a number of shrines from 10th and 11th century and mosques which were built in the 18th century. after lunch drive to Bahawalpur city of Nawabs. Overnight Bahawalpur.

Day 05: Bahawalpur – Excursion Derawar Fort – City Sightseeing (200kms / 4hrs)
After breakfast we go for excursion of Derawar Fort, a massive and visually stunning square structure, built in 9th Century. We return in afternoon and visit the Abbasi Mosque, Bahawalpur Museum and and Noor Mehal.On the way we will visit Uch Sharif. Uch is an ancient city with reference to it having been built by Alexander the great during his quest in the region. Later in the 12th to 17th century, it thrived as an Islamic centre by the Muslim scholars fleeing persecution in their own lands. It became a city of mystics and saints and we can still see remains of their grandeur. Overnight Bahawalpur.

Day 06: Drive to Lahore for on ward journey.

-End of the Tour-