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Embarking on a tour covering Lahore, Peshawar, Multan, Mohenjo-Daro, Thatta, and Karachi promises an enriching and diverse experience, spanning historical landmarks. 

Incredible Jeep Safari

Jeep-SafariOur adventure begins with a thrilling jeep safari tour, taking us deep into the heart of Pakistan's majestic mountain region. We will embark on a journey filled with breathtaking landscapes, unique cultures, and awe-inspiring sights. Our first stop is the enchanting Hunza Valley, nestled amidst the towering peaks of the Karakoram Range. Here, we will experience the warm hospitality of the locals, marvel at the beauty of Rakaposhi Peak, and explore the ancient Baltit Fort. Continuing our journey, we venture to the culturally rich Kalash Valley. Here, we will immerse ourselves in the unique traditions and vibrant festivals of the Kalash people, gaining insights into their ancient way of life. Skardu beckons with its awe-inspiring landscapes, including the mighty K2, one of the world's tallest peaks, and the serene Upper Kachura Lake. This part of the journey promises both adventure and tranquility. In Swat Valley, we delve into the region's rich history, visiting ancient Buddhist sites and exploring the treasures of the Swat Museum. This valley is known for its lush greenery and cultural significance.

Driving along the famous Karakoram Highway (KKH), we witness the stunning vistas and make stops at various points to soak in the panoramic views. This highway is renowned for its scenic beauty and engineering marvels. Our jeep safari tour is a thrilling and immersive experience that allows us to explore the diverse cultures, majestic mountains, and hidden gems of Pakistan's mountain region. Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime, filled with unforgettable memories of discovery and exploration.

Days: 24Age: 05- 90 YearsBest Time: July - OctoberCost: 3150 Euro /person
  • Accommodation in 3-4 star hotels with breakfast
  • Air-conditioned transportation
  • English-speaking guide
  • Sightseeing tickets
  • Jeeps
  • Local lunch
  • Pick-up and drop-off services
Not Included:
  • Dinner
  • Tips for driver and guide
  • Services not specifically stated in the itinerary
Cost (More than one person)
  • for 2 persons: 1850 Euro per person
  • for 3 persons: 1650 Euro per person
  • for 4 persons: 1550 Euro per person
  • for 5 persons: 1400 Euro per person
  • for 6 persons: 1250 Euro per person
  • for 8 persons: 1100 Euro per person
  • for 10 persons:1000 Euro per person

Prices for more than 10 persons are available on request.

Day 01

Arrival - Islamabad Sightseeing

Upon your arrival at Islamabad Airport, our team extends a warm and gracious welcome, ensuring a delightful start to your journey. We are committed to providing efficient assistance with immigration and baggage procedures, streamlining your transition through the airport. After a long journey, we understand the importance of comfort and relaxation. Therefore, we swiftly transfer you to a comfortable hotel known for its tranquil ambiance. Here, you have the opportunity to unwind and recharge, preparing yourself for the adventures that await. Our dedicated staff is at your service, ensuring a seamless check-in process characterized by personalized care and an unwavering commitment to your comfort and satisfaction. This warm and hospitable welcome is designed to set the tone for a truly memorable stay in Islamabad, allowing you to explore the city's attractions and experience the genuine warmth of Pakistan's hospitality. Your journey begins with the promise of a comfortable and memorable stay in Islamabad. Overnight Islamabad.

Day 02

Islamabad - Taxila - Peshawar

Departing from Islamabad, our journey to Peshawar takes us on a historical and cultural adventure through the treasures of Taxila. We commence our exploration at the Taxila Museum, where the legacy of the Gandhara civilization is meticulously preserved and on display. This fascinating museum is a gateway to the rich cultural heritage of the region. As we drive to our destination, we are treated to breathtaking landscapes, offering a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The journey itself becomes a moment of respite, where we can admire the natural beauty that surrounds us. Upon our arrival in Peshawar, the city welcomes us with open arms, and we find ourselves immersed in its vibrant atmosphere and bustling streets. Peshawar's historical significance and cultural diversity create a unique blend of traditions and modern developments, a fusion of the old and the new. This journey is a tapestry woven from the threads of time and culture. It unravels the mysteries of Taxila's illustrious past while embracing the dynamic and energetic spirit of Peshawar. As we continue our voyage, we carry with us cherished memories of our exploration through history and contemporary life. Overnight Peshawar.

Day 03

Peshawar Sightseeing

Our journey through Peshawar takes us on a captivating exploration of the city's historical treasures and vibrant culture. We embark on a day filled with iconic landmarks, each revealing a layer of Peshawar's rich history and its dynamic present. Our first stop is the Peshawar Museum, a repository of the region's past. Here, we encounter a treasure trove of historical artifacts and cultural gems that provide valuable insights into the city's heritage. As we explore the museum's exhibits, we become immersed in the stories of those who once walked these streets, and we gain a deeper appreciation for the city's roots. Next, we visit the Qissa Khwani Bazaar, where the city's bustling commercial culture comes to life. The lively atmosphere, the diversity of goods on offer, and the vibrant energy of the bazaar capture the essence of Peshawar's contemporary spirit. Sethi Street beckons us with its architectural brilliance and local craftsmanship. As we stroll along its enchanting lanes, we are transported back in time, surrounded by the artistic wonders of the city. The intricate designs and local creativity showcased here leave a lasting impression. This day of exploration unveils Peshawar's rich cultural tapestry, weaving together the threads of its history and its modern vitality. From the historical artifacts in the museum to the vibrant atmosphere of the bazaar, and the artistic marvels of Sethi Street, Peshawar enchants us with its cultural diversity.

Our journey deepens our understanding of the city's heritage, making it a truly unforgettable experience that leaves us with a profound appreciation for Peshawar's unique charm. As we bid farewell to the city, we carry with us the memories of its history, culture, and the warm hospitality of its people. Overnight Peshawar.

Day 04

Peshawar - Swat Valley

Our journey from Peshawar to Swat Valley is a captivating exploration of a land steeped in enchanting beauty and historical significance. As we embark on this adventure, we encounter remarkable sites that reveal the region's rich cultural heritage. Our first stop is the Takht Bhai Buddhist Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, the architectural grandeur of the Gandhara civilization comes to life. The monastery's intricate design and historical significance showcase the depth of history in the region. Continuing our journey, we visit the majestic Shingardar Stupa, adorned with intricate carvings that offer a glimpse into the rich Buddhist heritage that once thrived in Swat Valley. This stop deepens our understanding of the spiritual and historical legacy of the area. The drive itself through Swat Valley is a breathtaking experience. As we traverse picturesque valleys and wind along mountain roads, we are mesmerized by the lush meadows, snow-capped peaks, and clear rivers that paint the landscape with their natural beauty. The serene surroundings and awe-inspiring vistas set the stage for further exploration in this remarkable destination. Our visit to these ancient sites and our drive through Swat Valley leave us in awe, reminding us of the cultural and historical treasures that await us in this captivating land. As we continue our journey through the valley, we carry with us the memories of its beauty and the stories of its past. Overnight Saidu Sharif.

Day 05

Saidu Sharif - Kalam

Our scenic drive from Saidu Sharif to Kalam in Swat Valley is a captivating journey through ever-changing landscapes. Along the way, we encounter remarkable places that showcase the natural beauty and recreational opportunities the region has to offer. Our first stop at Malam Jabba reveals breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains and glistening glaciers. The opportunity for skiing and hiking in this picturesque location adds an element of adventure to our journey. The vistas of majestic peaks and pristine snow create a serene atmosphere, inviting us to immerse ourselves in the natural splendor of the region. Continuing our drive to Kalam, we are treated to lush green valleys, cascading waterfalls, and meandering rivers. The landscape comes alive with its vibrant colors and breathtaking views, making every moment a photographic opportunity. Upon reaching Kalam, we are welcomed by a serene ambiance. Here, surrounded by towering mountains and the tranquil Swat River, we find a perfect backdrop for relaxation and contemplation. The journey through Malam Jabba and the scenic drive to Kalam allows us to connect with the beauty of Swat Valley and create cherished memories in its majestic embrace. Overnight Kalam.

Day 06

Kalam - Mahodand Lake - Kalam

Embarking on a full-day excursion to Mahodand Lake in Swat Valley is a journey into the heart of picturesque landscapes and sparkling streams. The lake's crystal-clear turquoise waters, embraced by majestic peaks, create a serene and tranquil ambiance that captivates the soul. Engaging in activities like boating and fishing allows us to fully immerse ourselves in the beauty of the lake, forging a connection with the natural world. The surrounding meadows, with their lush greenery and vibrant flora, provide perfect picnic spots. Here, we can relish delicious meals amidst nature's embrace, creating a harmonious bond between humans and the environment. As we explore the area, we encounter diverse flora and fauna, enhancing the enchantment of this natural wonder. The opportunity to witness the region's wildlife and unique plant life adds to the allure of the excursion. The panoramic views from different vantage points capture the essence of Swat Valley's scenic splendor, showcasing the region's pristine beauty in all its glory. Leaving Mahodand Lake, we carry cherished memories of its captivating beauty and the tranquility it offered, creating unforgettable experiences in the lap of Swat Valley's natural paradise. This full-day excursion becomes a treasure trove of serene moments and natural wonder. Overnight Kalam.

Day 07

Kalam - Saidu Sharif

Returning from the captivating Mahodand Lake, we embark on an exploration of the cultural gems in Saidu Sharif. Here, we encounter the White Palace, a grand testament to majestic architecture that reflects the regal heritage of Swat. Its intricate design and historical significance make it a captivating site to explore, and the palace unveils the region's rich historical legacy. At the Butkara Archaeological Complex, we delve into the region's ancient history, where we discover ancient Buddhist stupas and relics that trace their origins back to the 3rd century BCE. This archaeological site offers a glimpse into the deep historical past of Swat Valley, connecting us with the ancient civilizations that once thrived in the region. The vibrant Swat Bazaar immerses us in the local culture, offering a bustling hub of handicrafts, traditional attire, and delicious cuisine. It becomes a lively place where we connect with the local community, experiencing the daily life and traditions of the region. Leaving Saidu Sharif, we carry cherished memories of the White Palace, Butkara Archaeological Complex, and the lively Swat Bazaar. This journey deepens our understanding of Swat Valley's cultural and historical treasures, leaving us with a profound appreciation for its heritage and traditions. The beauty of Swat Valley is not only in its natural landscapes but also in its cultural richness and historical significance. Overnight Saidu Sharif.

Day 08

Swat valley - Ayun Valley

Leaving Saidu Sharif, our journey to Ayun Valley is an adventure in itself. We traverse the breathtaking Lowari Pass, and as we ascend, we're treated to awe-inspiring views of the surrounding landscapes, complete with snow-capped peaks and cascading waterfalls. The pass, with its winding roads and steep slopes, adds an exhilarating dimension to our journey, making it a thrilling experience. Upon reaching Ayun Valley, we are welcomed by its serene and pristine beauty. The valley features meandering rivers, terraced fields, and traditional villages, offering a perfect setting for relaxation, nature walks, and a chance to immerse ourselves in the tranquility of the surroundings. The journey through Lowari Pass and our arrival in Ayun Valley enable us to appreciate the natural wonders of Pakistan's north, as well as the thrill of traversing a high-altitude mountain pass. This remarkable journey leaves us with unforgettable memories and a deep appreciation for the awe-inspiring beauty of Ayun Valley and the challenges and rewards of the route. Overnight Ayun.

Day 09

Day Excursion Kalash Valley

Embarking on a full-day excursion to Kalash Valley, we immerse ourselves in the rich culture and stunning landscapes of this remote region. The Kalash people, renowned for preserving their ancient customs and traditions, fascinate us with their vibrant costumes and lively festivals. Engaging with the locals and exploring their traditional houses provides us with a deeper insight into their way of life. The valley itself is a natural wonder, boasting lush meadows, terraced fields, and snow-capped peaks that create a breathtaking backdrop. Our leisurely walks, visits to local temples, and immersion in the serene ambiance of the valley allow us to gain a profound appreciation for this hidden gem. The excursion to Kalash Valley is a journey of cultural discovery, filled with awe, appreciation, and respect for the resilience and uniqueness of the Kalash people and their captivating way of life. Overnight Ayun.

Day 10

Ayun valley - Mastuj

As we embark on our scenic drive from Chitral to Mastuj, we begin our day with a visit to the vibrant town of Chitral, where we explore the historic Chitral Fort and immerse ourselves in the local culture. The drive itself is a feast for the eyes, taking us through breathtaking valleys, winding roads, and towering mountains, offering diverse and awe-inspiring landscapes. As we approach Mastuj, we are welcomed by its serene charm and panoramic views, providing a peaceful retreat amidst nature's splendor. This journey is a perfect blend of cultural immersion, historical exploration, and immersion in the natural beauty of Pakistan's northern region. It deepens our connection to this remarkable part of the world and leaves us with a profound appreciation for its rich tapestry of experiences. Overnight Mastuj.

Day 11

Mastuj - Phandar

As we embark on our scenic drive from Shandur to Phander, we are treated to a thrilling display of polo matches and breathtaking landscapes at Shandur. The drive itself leads us through winding roads, charming villages, and pristine forests, immersing us in the tranquility of the remote wilderness. Upon reaching Phander, we are greeted by the serene beauty of the Phander Valley, characterized by its shimmering lake and towering mountains. This idyllic setting provides a peaceful retreat, allowing us to truly connect with nature. Our journey from Shandur to Phander is a remarkable adventure, combining natural wonders, cultural experiences, and landscapes that exemplify the sheer beauty of Pakistan's northern region, leaving us with cherished memories of this breathtaking journey. Overnight Phander.

Day 12

Phandar - Gilgit

On our scenic drive from Phander to Gilgit, we are treated to awe-inspiring panoramic views of the Karakoram Range and the majestic Indus River. This journey takes us through charming villages, terraced fields, and the backdrop of snow-capped peaks, providing an immersive experience in the natural beauty of Gilgit-Baltistan. As we near Gilgit, the city opens up to reveal its bustling markets, rich historical landmarks, and diverse cultural heritage. Its strategic location at the crossroads of important trade routes has contributed to its deep-rooted history. The drive not only offers picturesque vistas but also affords us the opportunity to delve into the local culture, visit historical sites, and fully experience the unique charm of this vibrant city nestled amidst the Karakoram Mountains. Overnight Gilgit.

Day 13

Gilgit - Hunza Karimabad

As we journey from Gilgit to Hunza Karimabad, we embark on a historic route, the Old Silk Route, which holds immense cultural significance. Our first stop at the Rakaposhi Viewpoint treats us to breathtaking vistas of the magnificent Rakaposhi Peak, leaving us in awe of its sheer splendor. The scenic drive takes us through lush valleys, terraced fields, and cascading waterfalls, allowing us to immerse ourselves in the natural beauty of the Hunza Valley. Upon our arrival in Karimabad, the capital of Hunza, we are warmly embraced by its welcoming atmosphere. The traditional architecture, vibrant bazaars, and the awe-inspiring backdrop of towering mountains add to the charm of this unique place. Karimabad provides us with the perfect opportunity to fully experience the serenity and captivating allure of the Hunza Valley. Overnight Karimabad Hunza.

Day 14

Hunza Valley Sightseeing

In Hunza Valley, our enriching journey unfolds with a visit to the majestic Hoper Glacier, where we are captivated by the stunning natural beauty. Our exploration continues with a visit to the UNESCO-listed Baltit Fort, an architectural marvel that provides insights into the history of the region. We then proceed to Altit Fort, with its ancient walls and panoramic views, allowing us to delve into the glorious past of this area. Finally, we ascend to the Eagle's Nest viewpoint, where we are treated to a mesmerizing sunset, painting the landscape in enchanting golden hues. This day of exploration deepens our appreciation for the natural wonders and rich cultural heritage of the mesmerizing Hunza Valley. Overnight Karimabad Hunza.

Day 15:

Day Excursion Khunjerab Pass

On our full-day excursion to Khunjerab Pass, we are surrounded by awe-inspiring landscapes that create unforgettable memories. We pause at Attabad Lake, a pristine turquoise gem set amidst towering mountains, offering a serene boat ride to soak in its beauty. Our adventure continues as we cross the thrilling Hussaini Suspension Bridge, offering a dramatic view of the Hunza River below. Passing through Passu, we are treated to sights of glaciers and the striking Passu Cones, which captivate us with their natural beauty. Finally, we reach Khunjerab Pass, the highest paved international border, where the majestic convergence of the Karakoram and Pamir mountain ranges takes our breath away. This journey to Khunjerab Pass is a truly unforgettable experience, leaving us with cherished memories of this remarkable destination. Overnight Karimabad Hunza.

Day 16

Hunza Karimabad - Skardu

Embarking on a scenic drive from Gilgit to Skardu, we are treated to breathtaking vistas of the Karakoram and Himalayan Mountain ranges. The route showcases picturesque villages, terraced fields, and meandering rivers. The drive highlights the majestic Indus River and the lush greenery of the Shigar Valley. We may also get to admire the stunning Kachura Lakes along the way. As we approach Skardu, the charm of Shigar town and its historic fort captivates us. This scenic journey immerses us in the grandeur of nature, setting the stage for further explorations in Gilgit-Baltistan. Overnight Skardu.

Day 17

Day Excursion Deosai

Embarking on a full-day excursion from Skardu, we visit the stunning Satpara Lake and the enchanting Deosai National Park. Satpara Lake's serene blue waters and surrounding snow-capped mountains offer a picturesque setting. In Deosai, we immerse ourselves in vast grasslands, alpine meadows, and diverse wildlife, including the Himalayan brown bear. The rolling hills provide panoramic views and opportunities for nature walks and bird watching. Amidst the untouched beauty, we enjoy a peaceful picnic surrounded by nature's tranquility. This excursion allows us to experience the awe-inspiring landscapes of Gilgit-Baltistan, fostering a deep appreciation for the region's natural splendor. Overnight Skardu.

Day 18

Skardu - Khaplu

From Shigar, we embark on a scenic drive to the enchanting town of Khaplu. There, we explore the magnificent Khaplu Fort and its intricate architectural details, transporting us back in time. The Old Mosque captivates us with its fusion of Islamic and Tibetan influences. Immersed in the local community, we meet warm and hospitable people, gaining insight into their customs and way of life. Throughout our visit, the majestic Karakoram Range provides a breathtaking backdrop, with its towering peaks and natural wonders. Khaplu's blend of historical landmarks, natural beauty, and cultural immersion creates an unforgettable experience in Gilgit-Baltistan. Overnight Khaplu.

Day 19

Khaplu - Machlu - Mashabrum Viewpoint

Today, we embark on a journey to Machlu, a charming village nestled in the breathtaking Karakoram Range. As we drive along the scenic route, we are captivated by the stunning vistas of majestic mountains, meandering rivers, and verdant valleys that surround us. Our destination is the Mashabrum Peak viewpoint, where we are treated to an awe-inspiring sight. The towering Mashabrum Peak, with its snow-capped summit, stands as a testament to the grandeur and magnificence of nature. From this vantage point, we are privileged to witness the unparalleled beauty of the peak, taking our time to absorb its splendor and capture its essence through photographs. Our visit to Machlu and the Masherbrum Peak viewpoint is a profound experience that deepens our appreciation for the remarkable wonders of the Karakoram Range, leaving us with cherished memories and a sense of awe for the natural marvels that exist in this region. Overnight Khaplu.

Day 20

Khaplu - Skardu - Fairy Meadows

Leaving Gilgit-Baltistan, our journey to Fairy Meadows via Raikot Bridge is an adventure filled with stunning mountain views and a thrilling jeep ride. Upon reaching Fairy Meadows, we embark on a trek through enchanting forests and meadows, immersing ourselves in the beauty of nature. The panoramic vistas of Nanga Parbat that unfold before us leave us in awe and provide a sense of tranquility in the serene ambiance of Fairy Meadows. This trek is a transformative experience that creates lasting memories, a strong connection to nature, and a deep appreciation for the untouched beauty of this remarkable destination. Fairy Meadows is a sanctuary that offers solace and rejuvenation, making it a truly magical place to explore. Overnight Fairy meadows.

Day 21

Fairy Meadows - Beyal Camp

Today, we embark on a mesmerizing trek from Fairy Meadows to Beyal Camp, immersing ourselves in the pristine beauty of the Himalayas. The diverse landscapes, panoramic mountain views, and serene atmosphere leave us in awe. At Beyal Camp, surrounded by nature's tranquility, we appreciate the grandeur of the surroundings. We unwind, share stories, and witness the captivating sunset. This trek tests our endurance, reconnects us with nature, and creates lasting memories. Under the starry sky, we reflect on the profound beauty of the Himalayas, grateful for this unforgettable adventure. Overnight Fairy Meadows.

Day 22

Fairy Meadows - Chilas

Leaving behind the scenic beauty of Fairy Meadows, we continue our journey towards Chilas, a town known for its ancient rock carvings. These remarkable carvings, dating back thousands of years, offer a glimpse into the rich history and artistic heritage of the region. As we explore the rock art sites, we marvel at the intricate details and symbols etched into the stone, depicting scenes from daily life, animals, and ancient civilizations. The rock carvings provide valuable insights into the cultural and artistic traditions of the past. Chilas, nestled along the banks of the Indus River, offers a serene setting surrounded by towering mountains. The drive to Chilas treats us to breathtaking views of the rugged landscapes and winding valleys, creating a sense of awe and adventure. Overnight Chilas.

Day 23

Chilas - Besham

Leaving Chilas behind, we embark on a scenic drive towards Besham, following the iconic Karakoram Highway (KKH). The KKH is renowned as one of the world's most breathtaking roads, offering spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. As we traverse along the KKH, we are treated to the enchanting beauty of the Indus River, flowing gracefully alongside the road. The river's turquoise waters, combined with the rugged landscapes, create a mesmerizing backdrop for our journey. The drive along the Indus River allows us to appreciate the natural splendor and serenity of the region. The road winds through picturesque villages and lush green fields, showcasing the traditional way of life in this part of Pakistan. The journey to Besham is a remarkable experience, filled with awe-inspiring vistas and a sense of adventure. Overnight Besham.

Day 24

Besham - Islamabad - Departure

As our journey comes to an end, we bid farewell to the captivating landscapes and warm hospitality of northern Pakistan. The drive back to Islamabad is filled with nostalgia and reflection on the incredible memories we've made. We pass through the scenic beauty of the countryside, with its rolling hills and picturesque villages. The journey allows us to appreciate the diverse landscapes and cultural richness of the region one last time. Arriving in Islamabad, we feel a sense of fulfillment and gratitude for the unforgettable experiences we've had. Finally, we transfer our esteemed guests to the airport, cherishing the bonds forged during this remarkable journey and bidding them farewell with heartfelt memories to cherish forever.

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