Lahore Cultural Tour

Lahore is the present cultural center of Pakistan and the former capital of the Moghul Emperor Akbar. Here, we see the enormous 16th and 17th century Lahore Fort, a stunning interplay of sandstone and marble created by four Moghul Emperors; the 17th century Badshahi Masjid –the world’s largest; and the Wazir Khan Mosque with its Persian-styled fresco and glazed tile-work exterior, and the three-tiered Shalimar Gardens spread across 42 acres with its network of water channels and over 400 fountains. During the British Raj, it added its own Victorian vision to the Lahore cityscape. The result is a sublime mix of the East and the West that continues to watch over exotic bazaars and courtesans who dance into the night.

Tour Itinerary

Day 01: In the morning we will visit Badshahi Mosque, which is an important example of Mughal architecture, The amazing symmetry of the three giant white marble domes capping the many arches of the mosque is a marvel of harmony in masonry, with an exterior that is decorated with carved red sandstone with marble inlay.Then we explore Lahore fort, the massive doors, Great walls, the throne room with its marble pavilion,the court of public audience, the Sheesh Mahal, the Naulakha and the Moti Masjid peak eloquently of the days gone by.Intricate patterns of inlaid precious stones, carvings, mosaic tiles, murals against the background of rough tiles are a treat to the aesthetic eye. Afternoon explore the Walled city of Lahore, which is certainly the highlight of Lahore.Each street, each corner, each turn offers surprises in art, architecture, its decoration and crafts.The historic city center, contains many buildings, traditional bazaars, public spaces, and monuments of high cultural, architectural and historic value.
Drive to Wahga border which is 27 km from Lahore, for an impressive and exciting ceremony, the ceremony begins with the handshake of captains of the two countries followed by a martial and war like drill. Watch the unique ceremony which will thrill and excite you, you will never forget it.

Day 02: Morning we will visit Shalimar Garden the place of love and happiness with its triple terraced gardens decorated with marble Pavilions, this is one of the world’s finest Persian style gardens, laid out by Emperor Shah Jehan. Later visit Lahore museum, displaying a complete cross section of the culture and history of the region with rare manuscripts miniatures, Islamic calligraphy, and contemporary arts and crafts. Pakistan’s finest museum also contains one of the best collections of Buddhist art from the Gandhara Period. After lunch break drive to Emperor Jahangir’s Tomb, presenting a matchless display of mosaics an inlays, the tomb of the fourth Mughal emperor is set magnificently in the clam surrounding of symmetrical gardens.

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