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Embarking on a tour covering Lahore, Peshawar, Multan, Mohenjo-Daro, Thatta, and Karachi promises an enriching and diverse experience, spanning historical landmarks. 


In May 2022, my wife and I embarked on a memorable week-long journey to the Hunza Valley, expertly curated by the Indus Holidays Pakistan team. The local guides, who call this breathtaking place home, infused our experience with a heartfelt dimension, sharing their intimate knowledge and personal stories. The highlight was undoubtedly a visit to a local school, an impactful encounter that deepened our connection to the community. Indus Holidays Pakistan orchestrated not just a trip but an immersive cultural experience that left an indelible mark on our hearts. The team's commitment to authenticity and their insider perspective added layers of richness to our exploration. For anyone seeking a similar transformative adventure, we wholeheartedly recommend Indus Holidays Pakistan – the architects of our unforgettable Hunza Valley experience.
Planning my trip to Pakistan has been a seamless and delightful experience, thanks to the exceptional support from Indus Holidays Pakistan. Their prompt responses to my inquiries and efficient communication have made the planning process effortless and enjoyable. The team's wealth of knowledge about Pakistan's diverse attractions and their commitment to providing the best service have truly stood out. Every detail of my trip has been meticulously crafted, showcasing their dedication to creating a memorable experience. Indus Holidays Pakistan's personalized approach and attention to my preferences have made me feel confident and excited about the upcoming adventure. Their expertise extends beyond the ordinary, making them a standout choice for anyone considering a journey to Pakistan. I'm grateful for their unparalleled service, and I look forward to embarking on this adventure with the assurance that I'm in capable and knowledgeable hands.
Embarking on one of the best trips of my life, Shahid Yousaf and Khalid from Indus Holidays Pakistan led me to remote valleys few dare to venture, introducing me to the locals as friends. The hotels and restaurants, chosen with precision, reflected the highest local quality. Navigating Northern Pakistan, a 4-wheel drive with a skilled driver was essential, and Indus Holidays Pakistan flawlessly delivered the program as per my requests. Their unwavering commitment to ensuring a seamless experience went beyond expectations, turning any potential issues into opportunities to enhance the journey. Their support and hospitality were paramount during our unforgettable trip to Hunza, where every moment was crafted to perfection. Indus Holidays Pakistan not only met but exceeded every expectation, making the investment truly worthwhile. A heartfelt thank you for transforming my Hunza adventure into a treasure trove of memories.
Spending 10 days exploring the wonders of the Hunza Valley, Taxila, Karakoram Highway, and Peshawar has been an extraordinary journey. From snow-capped mountains to glaciers, raging torrents, and remarkable rock formations, every moment was a visual feast. Walking through villages and being welcomed into local homes provided an authentic cultural experience. Our accommodations, ranging from homestays to four-star hotels, were consistently clean and comfortable. The culinary delights, both in hotels and local restaurants, were excellent, adding a flavorful touch to our adventure. Shahid Yousaf orchestrated a tailor-made trip that exceeded expectations. With the guidance of Sohail and the expert driving of Majid, our tour became truly memorable. The charm of this journey has left us eager to return next year, with plans to explore the Chitral and Skardu regions, continuing our love affair with the mesmerizing landscapes of Pakistan.
Embarking on my tour to Pakistan with Indus Holidays has proven to be one of the most unforgettable experiences. Initially not considering Pakistan as a travel destination, a friend's recommendation led me to Shahid Yousaf, the driving force behind Indus Holidays. Shahid's responsiveness to my queries was swift and comprehensive right from the start. In Pakistan, the capable hands of Asif and Faiz guided us through the beautiful Northern areas for 11 days. Asif's passion, extensive knowledge, and adept navigation of challenging terrains left a lasting impression. They ensured we immersed ourselves fully without feeling rushed, providing postcard-worthy views daily. Beyond the landscapes, the trip's warmth and camaraderie, especially from the Indus Holidays team, made it truly memorable. Thanks again to the entire Indus Holidays team for their care and ongoing support, turning strangers into a family by the tour's end. We arrived as tourists and departed feeling like cherished members of a newfound family.
Choosing to visit Pakistan with Indus Holidays turned out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made. Despite initial skepticism, a conversation with Shahid Yousaf convinced both me and my group to take the plunge. The company not only accommodated our special requests for the ultimate photography experience but also seamlessly fulfilled last-minute additions, making our trip truly unforgettable. Capturing beautiful moments through photography was just one aspect; we also had the pleasure of interacting with the incredibly friendly people of Upper Hunza, Gulmit, Karimabad, and Lahore. Their warmth and hospitality exemplified the true spirit of Pakistan – a friendly nation eager to share its peaceful way of life with the world. Indus Holidays, thank you for orchestrating this remarkable journey. While there were minor issues, they in no way overshadowed the incredible experiences you provided, showcasing the best of Pakistan.
Pakistan unfolds with remarkable sites, delectable cuisine, three awe-inspiring mountain ranges, and the embrace of warm, friendly locals. My companions and I embarked on a 26-day customized tour of northern Pakistan in October 2023, weaving through cultural gems in cities, exploring UNESCO heritage Gandhara sites, and immersing ourselves in the stunning landscapes of Upper Hunza. Shahid Yousaf, the C.E.O of Indus Holidays, emerged as a timely, trustworthy, and wonderful communicator during our email planning sessions. His excellent suggestions and seamless delivery added immeasurable value to our journey. Under the care of Jawaid's careful drivers, we navigated mountainous roads and challenging city traffic with a reassuring sense of security. Rasheed, our marvelous tour guide, curated an experience that surpassed expectations. From superb restaurants to honoring our every request, his good judgment calls and magnificent sense of humor were instrumental in making our journey unforgettable. His love for sharing anecdotes about Pakistan provided profound insights into the captivating and friendly nature of its people.I wholeheartedly recommend Shahid Yousaf and Indus Holidays, as my recent trip with them has become a highlight etched in my memory. If you have any questions about my itinerary, I would be delighted to share more about this incredible journey through Pakistan.
Indus Holidays came highly recommended by a friend who had a fantastic experience traveling with them to Pakistan the previous year. Shahid Yousaf demonstrated exceptional competence, working with me to craft a custom itinerary that not only suited my budget but also aligned with the limited time I had for the visit. My guide, Asif, and driver, Ramzan, were the epitome of sweetness, kindness, and patience, making the journey truly enjoyable. I wouldn't hesitate to travel with them again! The well-rounded itinerary provided a comprehensive glimpse into various parts of Pakistan, introducing me to some of the friendliest people I've ever met. Exceeding expectations, my bucket list item of meeting the Kalash people became a reality. The trip offered incredible experiences like touching a Passu cone, hugging a baby goat, visiting schools, indulging in local cuisine, exploring ancient Buddhist sites, and riding in a tuk-tuk. All credit goes to Shahid Yousaf and his exceptional team. Having been on numerous group and solo tours, I can confidently attest that the service provided by Indus Holidays was truly top-notch. It's clear that their dedication and expertise create journeys that go beyond expectations.
Indus Holidays, under the guidance of Asif and his expert drivers, delivered an exceptional level of service, accommodating our requests and navigating the challenges of travel in Pakistan with utmost skill. Our 24-day adventure with ten travelers in northern Pakistan was made truly amazing by their superb knowledge and experience.As we journeyed through diverse landscapes, I was constantly impressed by the flexibility and inventiveness of our guide and drivers in navigating challenging situations. Despite the complexities of the terrain, Shahid and his staff ensured the safety and provided the best alternatives at every turn. Covering extensive territory, we were treated to a variety of sights and experiences, making our three-week journey a thrilling, action-packed adventure. I wholeheartedly recommend Shahid Yousaf and his team to anyone seeking to make the most of their time in Pakistan. Their dedication, adaptability, and commitment to safety ensure a memorable and diverse adventure that surpasses expectations.
Indus Holidays orchestrated a phenomenal 4-week private tour of Pakistan, seamlessly blending trekking and cultural sightseeing. Shahid Yousaf's responsiveness and collaborative approach in adjusting the itinerary to meet my needs were truly commendable. With an excellent guide, Sohail, and an incredibly skilled driver, every moment of my adventure was delightful. The friendliness and professionalism displayed by Indus Holidays and their team significantly contributed to my positive experience. Whether it was addressing questions before my arrival or during the trip, Shahid Yousaf was always available, providing timely assistance. The reliability and knowledge exhibited by the Indus Holidays team were key factors in making this journey unforgettable. I wholeheartedly recommend Indus Holidays to fellow travelers. As tourism in this beautiful country is on the rise, choosing them for your next adventure ensures a seamless and rewarding experience. Trust me; you won't regret it.
This 16-day journey offered me a completely different perspective of Pakistan than the one portrayed by the media. Covering various enchanting places such as Fairy Meadow, Hunza Valley, Passu, Naltar Valley, Phandar, Gilgit, Besham, Lahore, and Peshawar, the trip unfolded a tapestry of awesome scenery and fantastic experiences. Contrary to my initial reservations, trekking proved to be an essential element for witnessing these impressive and beautiful landscapes. While trekking demanded a level of stamina that I admittedly lacked, consulting with the tour guide about the trek's difficulty level helped me navigate the challenging terrains. The breathtaking landscapes that followed made every exertion worthwhile. I owe immense gratitude to the Indus Holidays team for their meticulous arrangements, and I am certain to recommend them to friends considering a visit. Special thanks to our tour guide and driver, who not only ensured our safety but also shared captivating stories about Pakistan, adding a personal touch to the journey.
The stunning landscapes of this area are truly postcard-worthy—so picturesque that it left us in awe. An absolutely fantastic experience that has compelled us to plan a return trip in the spring for the cherry blossom season. Our journey with Indus Holidays was a delight; the accommodations and transportation were excellent, enhancing every moment of the trip. Our tour guide, a multi-talented individual with extensive knowledge of the land, enriched our experience with valuable insights. The driver was not only careful but also exceptionally friendly and helpful. From my observations before the tour, the planning for Pakistan seemed good, and the cost was reasonably fair. After the tour, I can confidently say that the planning was perfect, and every arrangement made was executed seamlessly. Thank you to the entire team for creating such a memorable experience.
Contacting various local tour operators in Pakistan led me to Shahid Yousaf from Indus Holidays, who promptly responded through WhatsApp, displaying a remarkable level of efficiency. After discussing my preferences, he crafted a personalized itinerary at a reasonable price. Amidst numerous questions and changes as I delved deeper into Hunza areas, Shahid's patience and flexibility were evident, accommodating every inquiry without additional fees. Our 15-day personalized tour covered a breadth of destinations, including Fairy Meadows, Passu, Hunza Valley, Nagar/Hoper Valley, Naltar Valley, and Gupis/Yasin/Phander valleys. The assignment of a tour guide and a driver added to the professionalism of the journey. Both were exceptionally helpful, polite, and dedicated throughout. Asif, our tour guide, exceeded expectations by facilitating interactions with locals, inviting us to a wedding ceremony and local houses for tea. His commitment to ensuring our safety, even during independent ventures, created a sense of security. Notably, he maintained a respectful distance during early morning photography sessions. Overall, my experience with the Indus Holidays team was highly satisfactory. I wouldn't hesitate to engage them for another visit to Pakistan, a testament to the quality of service they provide.
Returning from an autumn tour with Indus Holidays, I'm compelled to share the beauty of Pakistan—a country filled with gorgeous landscapes, warm people, delectable food, and stunning nature. Engaging with Hunza Explorers was a breeze, whether through WhatsApp or email. Their quick and helpful responses eased all my queries, even the seemingly "stupid" ones. Typically, I avoid organized tours, but in northern Pakistan, it proved incredibly convenient to have someone guide us through the mountains. Mr. Zahid, our guide, was the epitome of professionalism—funny, informative, polite, and kind. His efforts to please the group were commendable. Meanwhile, Mr. Khalid, our driver, was an absolute rockstar! Always cheerful, amusing, and a master of navigating the Karakoram Highway. This journey has ignited a desire to explore more of Pakistan, and without a doubt, I'll choose Indus Holidays again. Highly recommended for those seeking a memorable and well-guided adventure!
Returning from the autumn trip in Hunza Valley 2019, I find myself unable to forget the wonders of one of the most beautiful places. From October 19 to 28, I embarked on this journey with a very reasonable price and a warm welcome. The initial two days on the Karakoram highway were filled with satisfaction as I marveled at the majestic beauty of the landscape and snow-capped mountains while experiencing the warmth of the local people. I extend my gratitude to Indus Holidays for guiding us through these beautiful valleys and providing the best services, including the necessary documents for the visa process. Special thanks go to our guide, Faisal, and the excellent driver, Zahid, for ensuring our journey was both comfortable and safe. Their exceptional support was a crucial element in making this trip memorable. Although there are many places I didn't have enough time to visit, I'm already planning to return for the cherry blossom season, and, of course, I'll be choosing Indus Holidays for that as well.
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