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Embarking on a tour covering Lahore, Peshawar, Multan, Mohenjo-Daro, Thatta, and Karachi promises an enriching and diverse experience, spanning historical landmarks. 

Diran Base Camp Trek

Diran PeakThe Diran Base Camp Trek is a captivating journey through the majestic Karakoram Range. With altitudes ranging from 600m to 4000m, this 14-day trek takes you on an unforgettable adventure in an open zone, accessible from June to September. Starting from Bagrot Valley, located 15 km downstream from Gilgit, the lower reaches of this valley are desolate, but as you ascend towards Sinakkar, the landscape transforms into a cultivated and settled area. As you trek through the Bagrot Valley, you'll be rewarded with breathtaking views of the south faces of Rakaposhi (7788m) and Diran (7266m) peaks, along with the captivating twin summits of Bilchar Dobani (6134m). Additionally, the towering peaks of Phuparash (6785m), Malubiting (7458m), Laila (6986m), and Haramosh (7409m) will grace your journey through the Haramosh Valley, located to the east of Bagrot and branching north from the Indus River.

Despite their stunning beauty, these valleys are seldom on trekkers' itineraries, making them a hidden gem awaiting exploration. Accessible by road with mostly easy trails and spectacular vistas, the Diran Base Camp Trek offers a perfect balance of adventure and natural wonders. So, prepare yourself for an enchanting experience as you embark on this less-traveled path and immerse yourself in the splendor of the Karakoram Range.

Days: 14Age: 18+Minimum: 2 personsCOST: $1780
per person

The cost includes:

Our comprehensive package for the Diran Base Camp Trek includes an array of services to ensure a comfortable and memorable journey:

Airport/Road Transfer: We provide comfortable AC coach and four-wheel-drive jeep transfers from the airport or designated meeting point to your hotel.

Hotel Accommodation and Meals: Enjoy a comfortable stay at hotels during your trip, and indulge in delicious meals to energize your trekking adventure.

Meals during Trek: Throughout the trek, we provide all meals to keep you nourished and energized, ensuring a delightful culinary experience amidst the wilderness.

Camping Facilities: Experience the thrill of camping in nature's lap with our well-equipped sleeping tents, mattresses, kitchen, toilet, and mess tents complete with tables and stools.

Kitchen Equipment and Gear: Our dedicated team provides all necessary kitchen equipment, crockery, fuel, and camping gear to ensure a seamless camping experience.

Expert Guides and Cook: Benefit from the expertise of our English-speaking guide, who will provide valuable insights and assistance throughout the journey. Our skilled cook will prepare delicious meals to satisfy your taste buds.

Porter Services: Low altitude porters will assist in carrying up to 12.5 kg of your personal baggage during the trek, allowing you to focus on enjoying the journey.

Porter age and Insurance: We take care of porter age services at the airport and hotels, as well as insurance coverage for our field staff and porters, ensuring their well-being.

With these inclusive services, we aim to provide you with a hassle-free and enjoyable trekking experience amidst the stunning landscapes of the Karakoram Range. Let our team take care of the logistics, while you immerse yourself in the natural beauty and cultural richness of the Bagrot and Haramosh Valleys.

Not included:

International & Domestic Airfare: The cost of international and domestic flights, as well as airport taxes, is not included in the package. Travelers will need to arrange and cover these expenses separately.

Excess Weight: Any excess baggage weight beyond the designated limit may incur additional charges, which are not included in the package.

Sleeping Bags and Personal Gear: Participants are responsible for bringing their own sleeping bags and personal clothing and equipment suitable for trekking in the Karakoram Range.

Hotel Extras: Additional expenses at hotels, such as drinks, laundry, and phone calls, are not covered in the package.

Insurance Liability and Force Majeure: Travel insurance, including coverage for medical aid and helicopter rescue, is not included. Participants are encouraged to arrange their own travel insurance to protect against unforeseen circumstances and force majeure events.


While we strive to provide a comprehensive and worry-free experience, these aspects fall outside the scope of our package. However, our dedicated team is always available to assist and provide guidance for any additional arrangements you may require. Your safety and comfort remain our top priorities, and we are committed to ensuring a memorable and enriching journey through the breathtaking landscapes of the Bagrot and Haramosh Valleys.

Day 01

Arrive in Islamabad. Check-in at the hotel and relax.

Day 02

Fly to Gilgit or drive to Chilas if the flight is canceled. Check-in at the hotel and rest.

Day 03

Drive from Gilgit to Minapin. Check-in at the hotel and prepare for the trek.

Day 04

Begin the trek to Hapakun. Overnight stay in tents.

Day 05

Continue the trek to Tagaphari. Camping.

Day 06

Trek to Diran Base Camp. Enjoy the breathtaking surroundings. Camping.

Day 07

Free day at Diran Base Camp. Explore the area and take in the magnificent views. Camping.

Day 08

Trek back to Minapin and drive to Hunza. Check-in at the hotel and relax.

Day 09

Free day in Hunza. Explore the beauty of the Hunza Valley. Hotel.

Day 10

Drive from Hunza to Gilgit. Check-in at the hotel and rest.

Day 11

Fly from Gilgit to Islamabad or drive to Besham. Check-in at the hotel and relax.

Day 12

Free day in Islamabad or complete the road journey from Besham. Hotel stay.

Day 13

Free day in Islamabad or complete the road journey from Besham. Hotel stay.

Day 14

Departure from Islamabad.


This itinerary offers a well-paced and comprehensive exploration of the scenic beauty and trekking adventure in the Karakoram Range. From the initial arrival in Islamabad to the trek through Minapin and Diran Base Camp, followed by the exploration of the culturally rich Hunza Valley, each day is filled with diverse experiences.

The flexibility in travel arrangements accommodates potential changes due to weather conditions, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey. The free days allow for relaxation or additional exploration, adding a personalized touch to the itinerary. Finally, the departure from Islamabad marks the end of an enriching and adventurous trip.

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