Who We Are

The great Indus River, The cradle of an ancient civilization and the mother of modern Pakistan, has inspired the name of our company, INDUS HOLIDAYS – Tours, Treks and Trails. The Indus, the inspiration behind our personal story, was originally known by other names, Sindhu, Sinthus, Sindu, Sintow, Abisindh. This string of subtle changes finally ended with Pliny who called the river Indus. The name stayed. Over time, civilizations that flourished along the river bans lured conquerors who left their imprint, which shaped the course of destiny and added the chapters that have enriched the nation’s legacy and our company’s creative resources. The great Indus River has shared its secrets with our special team of young guides- Indus Holidays- who have a winning combination of knowledge, skills, energy, and an eagerness to guide any visitor across the exhilarating Karakoram Mountains, over the grass Deosi Plains, and through the shimmering sands of Cholistan where the color emanates from desert cultures.

Our Team

Indus Holidays has developed a team of professionals from guides in the field with bilingual skills (a regional language and at least one foreign language) to in-house map makers and computer experts who help keep our operations running smoothly. We don’t just hire any guide or any office worker. We hire team players and, as with all good teams, we believe in preseason preparation and drills and post season evaluation. Before the summer season, we conduct a two week training season which leads to the proper coordination and logistics between the office and the field staff. The field staff is also briefed about new tourism trends. Senior guides and tourism experts give lectures on history, culture, and the importance of Eco-tourism. Special workshops are conducted to teach the staff about group behavior, hygiene, and safety. To review and analyze our performance and operations, we also conduct week long course at the end of the season. As with any good team, our field guides are proud to wear a uniform-traditional Shalwar-Kameez and embroidered waist coat.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Indus Holidays is to remain exclusive, creative, and selective. We believe that high quality is more important than high volume. Indus Guides, a member of WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature-Pakistan), promotes positive tourism and on our trips we adhere to a code of ethics. We are committed to the protection of the environment and our fragile cultures. We expect our foreign partners to respect and understand the importance of this philosophy.

Why choose Indus Holidays?

Indus Holidays, a medium-sized company that is selective about its foreign collaborations, has the right connections and attitude to pull off the most complicated logistics with relative ease. With Indus Guides, the client is an individual and not a number. We address specific needs and create pleasant surprises, such as an unexpected birthday celebration on top of K2 or in the middle of Cholistan Desert. Such details make an important difference. Each year our volume increase as the word spreads that Indus Guides provides the best trips in this part of the world and the best in customer satisfaction.

Our Product

Our recky team of professional photographers and logistic experts are always exploring new destinations in our country. We were the first company to offer a variety of tours in Balochistan, Mehran, Cholistan, and the Central Salt Range. We were the first Pakistan tour operator to explore Central Asia and offer new exciting combination tours, “High Adventure in Central Asia” and “Route of Tamerlance. “We have added new twists to existing tours in Northern Pakistan, such as “Yak Caravans” in Upper Hunza Valley. We are the first company to offer exclusive “Women Tours” to give foreign women access into the private world of purdah-clad Pakistani women. From soft adventures to hard adventures, Indus Holidays works hard to improve already popular tours. We keep abreast of tourism trends and create new tours to satisfy new interests. Since nightlife in Pakistan is generally quiet, we fill the gap. In Lahore, we invite folk musicians and the “Dancing Girls” to provide exclusive performances. We bring in local musicians to entertain our guests when they camp in Cholistan, Balochistan, and the Salt Range. We have organized traditional horse and camel dances. Even some of our camp equipment and meals are distinctive. Our specially designed Moghul tents not only reflect our country’s historic tradition, but are spacious and provide for exceptional comfort. A mealtime can become a fabulous feast with a tribal head when a tour passes through his domain. Innovation is our hallmark and keeps us in the forefront of Pakistan’s tourism development.