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Embarking on a tour covering Lahore, Peshawar, Multan, Mohenjo-Daro, Thatta, and Karachi promises an enriching and diverse experience, spanning historical landmarks. 

Lahore Day Excursions

ChiniotThese full-day excursions from Lahore offer a captivating journey through the diverse cultural tapestry of the region, allowing you to immerse yourself in history, spirituality, and craftsmanship. Throughout these excursions, knowledgeable guides will provide insights and information, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of the surroundings and the cultural heritage, spirituality, and history of Pakistan. Each excursion offers a unique perspective on the rich tapestry of Lahore's surroundings. Nankana Sahib envelops you in spirituality, tracing Guru Nanak’s footsteps at the sacred Gurdwara. Rohtas Fort stands proud, a UNESCO gem narrating robust history through its colossal walls and gateways. Harappa whispers stories of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization, preserved in well-preserved structures and the Harappa Museum.

Days: 1Age: 01- 90 YearsBest Time: AnyCost: 140 Euro /person
  • Air-conditioned transportation
  • English-speaking guide
  • Sightseeing tickets
  • Pick-up and drop-off services
Not Included:
  • Services not specifically stated in the itinerary
Cost (More than one person)
  • for 2 persons:  80 Euro per person
  • for 3 persons:   70 Euro per person
  • for 4 persons:   60 Euro per person
  • for 5 persons:   55 Euro per person
  • for 6 persons:   50 Euro per person
  • for 8 persons:   40 Euro per person
  • for 10 persons:  35 Euro per person

Prices for more than 10 persons are available on request.


In Chiniot, a city celebrated for its exceptional craftsmanship and architectural marvels, the Shahi Mosque is a true gem. This architectural masterpiece is adorned with intricate details and impeccable craftsmanship that reflect the city's rich heritage. As you stroll through Chiniot's vibrant bazaars, you'll have the opportunity to witness local artisans at work, creating exquisite pieces of art. The lively atmosphere of the bazaars provides a glimpse into the city's artistic traditions, making it a captivating experience for anyone interested in culture and craftsmanship. Chiniot's architectural and artisanal heritage truly comes to life in these enchanting surroundings.

Nankana Sahib

Our journey takes us to Nankana Sahib, the sacred birthplace of Guru Nanak, the revered founder of Sikhism. As we arrive at the Gurdwara, the air is filled with a sense of spiritual tranquility, resonating with Guru Nanak's teachings and enduring legacy. Walking through the hallowed halls of the Gurdwara, we're immersed in the profound spiritual experience that emanates from this revered site. It's a place where pilgrims and visitors alike seek solace and inspiration in the teachings and wisdom of Guru Nanak. Our visit to Nankana Sahib promises to be a deeply spiritual and enriching encounter with the history and spirituality of Sikhism.

Rohtas Fort

Rohtas Fort is a remarkable testament to a storied history of defense and valor. As we explore this imposing fortress, we are transported to a time when its walls, gateways, and structures played a pivotal role in safeguarding the region. The architecture itself tells stories of the past, where strategic planning and architectural brilliance converged to create a fortress that has withstood the test of time. Our visit to Rohtas Fort offers an opportunity to immerse ourselves in its history, appreciating the resilience and fortitude of those who defended it. It's a journey through time and a brush with the enduring spirit of this historic site.


Exploring the well-preserved remnants of the ancient Indus Valley civilization at the Harappa archaeological site is like stepping back in time. The preserved structures and artifacts here offer a remarkable window into the daily life and culture of this ancient civilization. As we wander through the site, we encounter the remnants of streets, buildings, and artifacts that hint at the sophistication of this long-lost society. It's an archaeological journey that allows us to connect with the past and gain a deeper appreciation for the ingenuity and achievements of the people who once thrived here.

Khewra Salt Mine

As we descend into the depths of the Khewra Salt Mine, a world of stunning salt formations unfolds before us. The intricate patterns, textures, and colors of the salt create a mesmerizing underground landscape. We visit the unique salt mosque, where every surface, from the walls to the chandeliers, is made from salt. Our guides share insights into the centuries-old mining techniques and the historical significance of salt mining in the region. It's a fascinating journey that allows us to appreciate the geological wonders beneath the Earth's surface and the cultural importance of this unique salt mine.

Katas Raj Hindu Temples

At Katas Raj, you'll be captivated by the intricate carvings that adorn the temples, a testament to the artistic and architectural richness of the region. These temples not only showcase the incredible craftsmanship of their creators but also reflect the historical and cultural diversity of the area. As you explore the temple complex, you'll gain a deeper appreciation for the cultural heritage and the artistic legacy that has been preserved in these ancient structures. It's a remarkable journey through time and culture, allowing you to connect with the past and admire the enduring beauty of the Katas Raj Hindu Temples.

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